Advanced MedAesthetic Partners Expands Portfolio with the Acquisition of LivingYoung Center in Florida


Advanced MedAesthetic Partners (AMP), a prominent force in the medical aesthetics industry, proudly announces its strategic acquisition of LivingYoung Center for Health & Anti-Aging, a highly esteemed medical spa boasting three locations in the greater Tampa area.

Founded by the esteemed Katie Kaffai, LivingYoung Center has earned widespread acclaim for its commitment to inspiring and empowering patients to take control of their health and well-being. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for AMP, underscoring its dedication to delivering top-quality medical aesthetics services, expanding its service offerings, and extending its geographical reach.

Expressing her enthusiasm about the partnership, Nicole Chiaramonte, CEO of AMP, stated, “LivingYoung Center perfectly aligns with AMP’s dedication to delivering exceptional patient experiences. We are thrilled to welcome LivingYoung into the AMP network, emphasizing our commitment to expanding our service offerings and geographical reach.”

LivingYoung Center specializes in anti-aging and wellness, addressing key concerns such as weight gain, wrinkles, diminished energy, and loss of passion. With luxurious locations in Seminole, Palm Harbor, and St. Petersburg, LivingYoung’s treatments are meticulously designed to help patients both look and feel their best.

Reflecting on the partnership, Katie Kaffai, the founder of LivingYoung Center, shared her perspective, stating, “The prospect of partnerships felt overwhelming—questions about aligning values and concerns over prioritizing profit. With over 16 years dedicated to LivingYoung, my apprehensions were eased partnering with AMP. Our goals harmonize seamlessly; AMP prioritizes support and fosters efficient and sustainable growth.”

This strategic collaboration leverages AMP’s operational support and industry-leading clinical training capabilities, positioning LivingYoung Center to continue providing cutting-edge treatments and services. Chiaramonte added, “Katie Kaffai and Carissa Alinat, a partner in LivingYoung Center, show dedication to anti-aging and wellness that aligns perfectly with our vision at AMP. We eagerly anticipate collaborating and leveraging our combined strengths to lead the way in the rapidly growing field of medical aesthetics.”

The integration of LivingYoung Center into AMP’s network is expected to deliver synergies benefiting both organizations. Patients of LivingYoung Center will maintain the high standards of care they are accustomed to while gaining access to an expanded array of services and resources offered by the broader AMP network.

This acquisition reinforces AMP’s position as a leader in the medical aesthetics industry, devoted to supporting practices prioritizing excellence in patient care and outcomes. AMP continues to shape the future of medical aesthetics, advancing its mission to deliver outstanding services and empower patients on their aesthetic journeys.


AMP is a distinguished group of business and clinical leaders in the medical aesthetics industry. Offering comprehensive support, including managerial, administrative, marketing, clinical training, and information technology, AMP enables practices to focus on delivering outstanding client experiences.


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